Jason: Headshots

I have a bunch of shoots to edit through and eventually blog, but I just realized that I have some headhots that I took LAST YEAR that I never blogged. Shame on me! Right before Chris and I left for Colorado in December, I got the chance to hang out with Jason for a couple of hours and take some headshots for him. You may recognize his mug from the little ‘Portraits’ button near the top of my blog. I took some portraits of he and his wife Faith some time ago and he came back for headshots. And, Faith is an actor too and I’m actually taking her headshots today! I like to keep it in the family.

Here are just a few of Jason that I really like:


The thing about headshots is they exist to serve a purpose and so you really can’t get all artistic with them. You really just need to let the subject of the photo shine and keep it as simple as possible. I try to choose locations that I know won’t make for distracting backdrops, but there is this one wall near my house that has been screaming at me for some time now. It calls to me and says, “Heidi! You want to photograph someone in front of me. I am an awesome wall!”  I had been trying to ignore the calls of the wall, but I just couldn’t do it any longer.

I told Jason the wall would likely be too busy for his headshots but I asked him to humor me anyway. He did, and I think we were both glad for that! I am in love with the way these turned out because I think the wall adds just enough interest to the photos to make them stand out in a line-up, but doesn’t detract from the subject of the photo, which is Jason.


These last two were the ones that Jason ended up getting printed and sent out to casting agents and such. A wise decision, I’d say:



  • jenberry - wow heidi, these are perfect. i seen headshot everyday in casting and these far surpass most of them!!!!

  • Michael Campbell - Heidi, these are great! Quite impressive headshots, they’re simply perfect! -Mike

  • Mark Hayes - Great headshots.

  • JB - The lighting in these shots is really nice.

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