I Love…Love.

I’m really not the type to get caught up in Valentine’s Day. I generally feel it’s an extremely commercialized holiday and that if you love someone, you should be showing them all year long instead of saving it for a particular day. That being said, I know firsthand how easy it is to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When that happens, it’s very easy to let the simple things slip through the cracks, like showering your loved one with affection, for example.

Sometimes Valentine’s Day is a nice reminder to slow your roll, look at the person next to you and remind them of all the reasons you love them. I definitely needed Valentine’s Day this year because I’ve been so busy focusing on my photography business that I haven’t been focusing on the most important thing in my life: my husband. If you found yourself in the same predicament this year, I hope you’ll use this day as a reminder to readjust your focus.

Here’s my valentine. I love him for a gazillion reasons that I could easily list out for you, but I’ll spare you the details. One of the things on that long list is…I love him because he makes me laugh.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • jenberry - you hit home.
    guilty as charged.

  • Matthew Saville - Hahah you guys are great! Thanks for having us photogs over for christmas. I just leased a place here in Irvine, and it’s definitely big enough to host a GTG! Woohoo! Finally!


  • Paige Green - what a refreshing post!
    i love love too.

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