Boudoir Photo Album

A couple of weeks ago I shot a boudoir session, and even though I LOOOOOVE the way the photos turned out, I haven’t blogged them for two reasons:

  1. I’m a strong believer in keeping boudoir photos private. In my eyes, they are intimate photos inteded for the couples’ eyes only. And the photographer’s, of course — someone has to stand behind the camera!
  2. These photos are a gift for Valentine’s Day and I can’t go spoiling the surprise.

But, I just finished up the album today and I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of it before I deliver it to the client tomorrow. This particular album is made of a soft, sueded leather and has thick and sturdy pages. It’s a gift that will last a lifetime and I can’t wait to hear a report back on what this lucky man thought of this very special gift! Here’s a few photos of the album itself, including the tiniest peeks at a couple of the photos. I’m okay with them because they could be photos of just about anyone, so I’m not giving them away, nor am I invading anyone’s privacy. Enjoy!




  • jenberry - Seriously heidi, just for the lil bit i can see, they look phenomenal. soft loft, sexy (but sweet). great colors. You are awesome. I don’t know if i’d have the artistic eye for boudior. takes a special talent.

  • Matthew Saville - Looks beautiful. I forget what you twittered about the album make, what kind is it? Love the page material.

    I wish one of these puppies would show up on *my* doorstep, but somehow I doubt…


  • Shawn Kloster - Nice! Even from the little preview here, you can see the quality of this. Both the photos and album are outstanding!

  • Courtney - If I could ever get my ass in shape – I would totally do this as a gift for Eric. From what I can see, you’ve created a really special gift for someone…

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