Trisha + Jeff = Married in Beverly Hills!

When I got a call from Alicia of The Modern Type asking me to tag along as a second shooter for Trish and Jeff’s wedding, I was very excited. I had met Alicia once before and found her to be just lovely. Imagine my surprise when I met Trisha and Jeff and discovered that they were quite lovely, too. Working with three lovely people in one day–what a dream!

The lovely couple were married at a close friend’s home in Beverly Hills and the whole affair was beautiful and fun, just like Trisha and Jeff! The bride was so excited to be marrying her groom that her grins were from ear to ear all night long. And Jeff…well, it seemed as if Jeff could do nothing else all night but stare lovingly at his beautiful bride.

I had a fantastic time capturing this wedding because everyone in attendance was having a really, really fun time. It’s really difficult to have a bad time when you’re taking photos of people who are laughing hysterically and dancing like crazy. Mazel Tov, Trisha and Jeff…here’s to a very long and happy life together!

I just loved the detail of Trisha’s dress. She looked stunning in it. I used the amazing “Blog It Board” Actions from MCP Actions for several of these. They’re perfect for times when I want several images to be paired together to help better tell the story.

Their “first look” before the ceremony…

Their ketubah signing was a very moving event and their ketubah itself was gorgeous

Husband and wife! Look how excited Trisha is! Love it.

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in this next one, but I like it! See what I mean when I say these people were fun?!

There are plenty more images where these ones came from, but you gotta play the slideshow below to check them out!

  • Jennifer Berry - heidi you are getting more and more awesome. if that’s even possible.

  • Alicia - LOVE.IT! And I’m so jealous you have all day to blog. My poor little blog only saw like 3 images from this wedding! Thanks for everything!

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