Jenny and Tyler: Portraits in Chinatown

Jenny Smith is a talented photographer and the owner of Alders Photography. We recently met during the [b] school excursion to Calico Ghost Town and have been keeping in touch ever since. When she asked me if I would take some photos of her and her husband Tyler for their Christmas cards, I was honored and nervous. I had never photographed another photographer–and if I know anything about photographers, I know that our standards are quite high!

Jenny also offered to shoot some portraits of Chris and I, and so a portrait swap was arranged! We spent some time in Chinatown and then headed over to the Disney Concert Hall before it got too dark. I think we all had a blast and I was really happy to have captured some nice shots for Jenny and Tyler. Luckily, they were thrilled with them, too! If you’d like to see the ones that Jenny got of Chris and I, head on over to her blog. Here’s the adorableness that is Jenny and Tyler:

  • Jennifer Berry - very cool. i’m gonna hop over and see the pix of you as well. all these images are crisp. i love the green wall one. their facial expression are real!

  • Paige Green - omg! orange time and green door, where the heck are you? (love the pics! colorful and fantastic)

  • Araxi - Heidi you did a great job with these I love them! Especially love the first one of them at the concert hall so cute :)

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