Calico Ghost Town: In Color

A couple of months ago I joined an online community for professional photographers called The [b] School. Through it, I’ve begun to forge relationships with local and non-local wedding and portrait photographers who have reached varying levels of success in their careers. It’s been a great resource for me as I didn’t really know too many photographers in this field personally. Well, that’s changed and on Tuesday I even got to shoot with a handful of them during a day trip excursion to Calico Ghost Town. Joe Photo organized this Day Trip and plans to organize one on the second Tuesday of every odd month for a while. This was the first Day Trip and 13 of us had a blast together while we made photos just for us–not a client in sight.

I had an amazing time and can’t wait for January’s trip. Calico had amazing textures, which is something I’m always drawn to in a photograph. I’ve decided to blog my photos in two parts: color and black & white. First up: the colors! Please enjoy:

  • Hanssie - Why is it that everyone is posting pictures of my backside??!! Whatever. Love the shot of the church through the branches and the bottles. Gorgeous job Heidi!

  • Paul - Heidi — it’s not Calico, but I love the Shell Station:-) Nice job. I guess that’s where they gassed up the stage coaches!!

  • Joe Photo - Sweet shots Heidi! It was great to hang out with you. I look forward to trippin’ with you again.

  • Jennifer Berry - wow heidi. these are incredible. interesting perspective in every single one. you really pushed the envelope and took a unique and fresh side. love them all. very cool of joe photo to set it up. i wish i could have gone.

  • Matthew Saville - Awesome! Great eye, and of course great DOF!


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