Happy Halloween

Chris and I went to a costume party on Saturday. This was a big deal for me because if you know me at all, you know that I detest dressing up in a costume of any kind. Even when I was a kid I felt ridiculous when dressing up for Halloween. I don’t consider myself an overly serious person, and I don’t think I was an overly serious kid–but how else can I explain my hatred of dressing up? Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely LOVE seeing other people dressed up, I just don’t like to do it myself.

But this year, for some reason, I decided to play along and actually plan and wear a costume to the party we were attending. I’ve always loved Mary Poppins and have wanted to BE her since I can remember, so dressing up as her for Halloween was the closest I could get. I guess I got pretty close, though, because I won Best Female Costume that night! I have to say, I had a pretty fun time dressing up this time. Chris looked absolutely adorable as Bert the Chimney Sweep, don’t you think?

Our friends James and Melanie gave us a ride to the party and their costumes were AWESOME. James won Best Male Costume, with Melanie only one point behind me for best female. She even had a real prosthetic preggo belly, with an outie belly button and everything! They were a spot-on Juno and Pauly Bleeker. They recreated the pose from the movie’s poster and I just couldn’t resist dressing the image up a little.

Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween, whatever you do! I’ve got some weddings and portrait sessions to shoot throughout the month so I’ll be a blogging fool in no time!

  • Laundro - So with you. I also detest dressing in costume. But I couldn’t resist the Yoda costume for Lily at Target today!

  • monique - you and chris look adorable!!!

  • Jennifer Berry - nice. i love the costumes. i’m always too chicken to dress up. i applaud you.

  • Corey - Dats a bit o’ alright dare!

  • Courtney Brandt - I’m late leaving a comment – but looks like fun. Melanie’s got the expression and everything. :)

  • Araxi - Ohhhhh Heidi you are the cutest Mary Poppins!! I love that costume!

  • me - Hey you,

    Well I finally had time today to update myself with new and improved HLAphotography.com website and once again I am amazed by your talent. You truly are an artist and I am sooooooo proud to call you my bestest artist in the whole entire world!! I hope that you and Chris have a wonderful Christmas!! Give Chris hugs and kisses for us. We miss you guys and we have to do sushi when you get back ok. I love you!!

    Your bestest in the westest,


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