Tread Lightly

Last weekend Chris and I headed to Colorado for his sister Megan’s wedding. Maybe you remember the engagement session with Megan and Kyle from last year? Kyle proposed to Megan at the summit of Pike’s Peak, which is one of the tallest mountains in Colorado (or maybe the tallest–I can’t remember what our tour guide said). So, to commemorate the proposal a small group of us took the train up to Pike’s Peak the morning before the wedding.

It was of course cold and slightly snowy and I of course did not pack any warm shoes. It was still very hot in California and I had a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that there would be snow anywhere in the US so early in the year! I kid you not, I was wearing ballet slippers with no socks. I am an idiot. But! The gift shop at the summit came through like a champ and I was able to procure myself some stylish Pike’s Peak socks. Look who’s laughing now!

I wasn’t Megan and Kyle’s wedding photographer (I prefer to, you know, not work when I’m at the weddings of people I know and love), but I was able to take Megan’s ‘getting ready’ photos the afternoon of the wedding. It was very special because most of the time it was just Megan and I and I got to feel like I was a part of her day. It was lovely and I will post some of those later. But, for now, here’s a slideshow of my favorites from our Pike’s Peak adventure.

The lovely song playing in the background (that was a little too long for the slideshow, sorry) is Chris’ cousin Ian and his wife Beth’s band, Dialectics. They are awesome and I find this particular song quite heavenly. Check them out here and buy their album on iTunes!

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