Neda’s Birthday Bash

Neda asked me to document her fabulous 30th birthday party that was held a couple of weeks ago at her beautiful home. Please believe me when I say that I do not use the word “fabulous” lightly when talking about this party. Neda planned a lavish affair complete with a full catering and service staff (including a hunky topless hors d’oeuvres server, natch), an elaborate menu, full bar DJ, bongo player–and me, the photographer, of course! She literally pulled out all the stops and this party was the place to be on this particular night.

About 100 of Neda’s family and friends were in attendance and it was great to see them all dote on the birthday girl. Neda was the center of attention all night and you could tell she was having a fantastic birthday. Most of the fete was held outdoors late at night with very minimal ambient lighting so getting good shots was a challenge, but I kind of like the red-light district feel of the details using nothing but ambient light to create the images.

Before the party really got started, I got to hang out with Neda’s three lovely daughters: two six-year-old twins and one two year old beauty. The youngest one wasn’t a fan of the camera, but the twins were ALL ABOUT IT. I spent a full hour with them as they jumped from the furniture–literally–and instructed me in the types of shots I should take of them. These girls were not camera shy at all and they were oh-so adorable.

Once the party got started there was lots of mingling, munching and sipping to be had. Neda and her husband made their rounds but soon made their way onto the dance floor. There was something extremely romantic about the two of them dancing alone while everyone in attendance was oblivious to booty-shaking that was going on a mere hundred feet away.

Of course it wasn’t long before the dance floor filled up and the majority of those in attendance got their groove on. Oh, and how! Neda and just about everyone she knows proved to be amazing dancers. I was having so much fun bobbing and weaving through the dance floor capturing their moves! My friends and I typically look like fish out of water when we dance, but not this bunch. They had all the right moves.

They danced for hours and seemed to never tire. I was truly amazed. But, every good thing must come to an end and the end of this night was signaled by a cake that Neda’s husband surprised her with. Check out the abs on that cake. Hubba hubba!

Thanks, Neda, for asking me to document this milestone birthday party for you. I had a blast observing and capturing the fun–I hope you had a blast, too!

  • Paige Green - fantastic lighting! great contrast. looks like they had a blast!

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