Megan + Kyle = Married at Garden of the Gods Club!

The night before my sister-in-law Megan’s wedding I gave her a big hug and proclaimed, “Megan! It’s time for your mawwiage!” She chuckled and then we proceeded to talk about her upcoming “mawwiage” well into the next day.

To me, the pictures of a bride getting ready to walk down the aisle are some of the most special from that very important day. When Megan told me that she didn’t plan on having her photographer present for these moments, I forced her to let me be there to document the process for her. Well, I didn’t actually have to force her–I just asked if she wanted me to snap some pre-wedding shots and she happily accepted the offer. And so, Megan and I were able to spend the morning of her wedding together. For much of the day it was just her and I and whomever happened to be grooming her at the time. It was incredibly special for me and I was glad when Megan later told me that my presence kept her calm. I just hope I have that same affect on other brides!

Megan and Kyle were married at the Garden of the Gods Club in Colorado Springs, CO. The club overlooks the Garden of the Gods, which is a gorgeous landmark with glorious rock formations–a Colorado staple. When I first saw the ceremony site I was blown away. Now, there is not a single thing that I would change about my own wedding but I did immediately ask if Chris and I could have a “do-over” because I’ve never seen a wedding site so beautiful in all my life.

After I picked my jaw up from the ground, I found Megan in the salon getting her hair all prettified.

Megan’s mom made her this head piece to wear. It was so stunning everyone asked her where she bought it!

Soon it was off to makeup. I could tell Megan was enjoying her afternoon of primping.

After she was all done up, Megan and I headed to her hotel room where Kyle’s mom delivered a gift from the groom.

A perfectly gorgeous necklace, which as an aside, happened to perfectly match the earrings Megan planned to wear that day–they were her something borrowed, so Kyle had no idea. It was meant to be!

After ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the pretty jewelery for a while, I got to scope out Megan’s amazing dress and super cute flip flops (which were a brilliant idea because I later lamented my choice of heels as I sunk into the grass all night)

Soon after, Megan’s bridesmaids showed up with cherry lime-aides and fries from Sonic in hand (score!), and were ready to celebrate.

My two beautiful SILs:

Then, it was time to get dressed!

They did it!


Chris and his cousins were ushers at the wedding, but they also had the important role of singing the new bride and groom out for their recessional. My husband is the cool guy on the left with the sunglasses. Hubba, hubba.

Kyle and Megan’s dog, Tucker, was the Best Dog. He was a very good boy during the ceremony, but I think he was more interested in the group of people who were sitting there staring at him.

I put my camera away right after the ceremony so that I could enjoy being a guest instead of getting caught up taking photos. The wedding was fantastic and I am so happy for Megan and Kyle. Here’s a slide show of some more images from the day:

  • Megan (aka SIL!) - SIL! As always you are a pictoral genius!! I am so glad that you were with me as I got ready that day! I always LOVE your photos, and these are beyond words! Much love to you!!
    Love, Megan and Kyle

  • Shannon - Dearest Heidi,
    Thank you for capturing all the little things that made the day so special. Loved the photos, loved the music, love you…

    Love, Shannon

  • Grandma - Beautiful pictures telling a happy story. Thank you for sending them.

    All my love,

    Grandma Ryder

  • courtney - Don’t you JUST LOVE taking ‘getting ready’ shots? They are my favorite :)

  • Jennifer Bery - LOVE the venue pix and the getting ready pix. well done.

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