Ninah: Work and Play

Yesterday I spent some time with my new friend Ninah at Lemon Creek Park in Diamond Bar. For the past couple of years, Ninah has been expressing interest in acting and being in commercials, so her grandma asked me to take a few headshots so that she could put together a portfolio for her. I was happy to oblige, but I already had it in my head that I wasn’t going to make an eight-year-old spend a couple of hours at a park without getting some play-time in, so we got to work right away with some headshots, with a plan of finishing our time together with some rowdy fun. Here are a few of my favorite headshots:

Ninah was kind enough to let me indulge my artistic side with this one:

After getting those out of the way, we let loose a little. Ninah was all business up until I said it was okay to fool around–an activity she obviously takes very seriously:

She even recruited her cousin, who was hanging out behind the scenes, for some piggy back action:

And, of course, we got some jumping and running in. Wouldn’t be a trip to the park without those two activities! Note the Camp Rock outfit, which Ninah picked out special for our shoot. Jonas Brothers reprezent! (She thinks Nick’s the hot one, in case you were wondering):

I had a superfun time hanging out with Ninah. With a face like that and personality to boot, I know she’ll go far.

  • Carissa Ledford - Hello Heidi,

    Thank you for taking pictures of Ninah. I am very proud to have such a beautiful daughter. You did a fantastic job!
    I hope you are doing well and congradulations!!!

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