Free to Succeed

Well, it’s August already. Our one-month wedding anniversary came and went and we are settling into married life quite nicely. The month ahead seems to be quite a relaxed one with only a few photo shoots sprinkled here and there, but come September it is GO, GO, GO all of the time. I honestly can’t wait.

Tomorrow is a shoot with a beautiful young girl who needs headshots for her commercial portfolio as well as some nice portraits just because. We’ll have a fun day.

Tonight I plan to fill my head with knowledge at the Free to Succeed seminar, hosted by wedding photographer extraordinaries David Jay and Jasmine Star. I know I will learn a lot today and plan to put their sage advice to use in order to make my own photography business better and more successful. I’m looking forward to benefiting from this myself so that my clients may benefit, as well.

All in all a jam-packed couple of days! I shall return with images from tomorrow’s shoot!

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