Courtney Brandt: Author Photo

Courtney Brandt is the author of a book for young adults called The Line. It’s about the lives of some high school kids who happen to be in the marching band. A self-professed “band geek,” Courtney aimed to give a voice to fellow band geeks of the world through these stories of young love, high school drama and marching band mayhem. The follow-up, A Fine Line, will be available next month.

Courtney decided that her current author photo didn’t feel natural enough and wanted a new one taken for use on future books and all promo materials. Though she currently lives in Dubai, we met up for a shoot while she was in L.A. visiting friends. She wanted some casual shots that looked like her and were less stuffy than the studio shot she used before. I think we succeeded. Naturally, Courtney gets final pick and I can’t wait to see the one she chooses! My faves are below.

If you were ever in marching band or just enjoy reading about teen melodrama as much as I do, check out The Line or A Fine Line!

I think this one is probably my favorite from the day:

  • Courtney Brandt - Ahh! I’m going to have a difficult time deciding… Thanks for making the process such a fun one. I’m very impressed with the quality and turnaround in your work.

    Of course, I’d love the opinions of anyone else in the blogosphere. :)

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