heather + che: engaged!

Heather and I went to high school together but we hadn’t seen each other since graduation day. That was ten years ago and don’t even get me started on how freaked out I am about the fact that I am ten years out of high school. Most days I don’t feel a day over 19.

Anyway, Heather and I have been friends on MySpace for years now. She found out about this little photography business of mine through that grand social networking site and hired me for an engagement session with her fiancè, Che. Heather and Che have not yet formally announced their engagement–only their closest friends and family know. As I understand it, they will be using their favorite photos from this session to tell the world. How exciting! I am truly honored.

I got to spend several hours with the couple at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach. Wow, is that ever a beautiful stretch of oceanside. If you ever get a chance to spend any time at that resort, do. You will not regret it. It was a picture-perfect day and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Heather loves the beach so she was in heaven. Che, on the other hand, admitted that he’s not a fan of getting dirty so the beach isn’t exactly his cup of tea. You’ll notice he kept his shoes on the whole time, thankyouverymuch. He did not complain even once, though, which told me how much he loved Heather.

I had the best time on this shoot and am seriously in love with so many images, I wish I could post them all. I’m not even done going through them all, but I just had to post a few favorites…I couldn’t continue keeping them to myself!

Heather and Che, thank you for being such a fun couple to work with. I had a blast! Enjoy…

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