Things on Film

As promised, here are some Joshua Tree shots from my film camera. I should explain that my film camera is not some super expensive, fancy schmancy job that takes crisp, clean photos with that ever-illusive film look. No, my film camera is a $50 Diana+ that is a replica of a 99 cent camera from the ’50s. It’s a Lomo camera, and if you know anything about those you know they are known for the light leaks, saturated and/or muted colors, vignetting and overall surreal feeling they lend to the images created with them.

My Diana+ was a Christmas gift from Chris and the Joshua Tree trip was the first time I got a chance to use it. Admittedly, Chris used it more than I did (shots of him using it can be found in this entry) because I was busy with my trusty digital. But, I did make sure I had a few cracks at it and while the results are less than amazing, I was reminded of how much fun shooting film is. It was especially entertaining with this camera that had absolutely zero bells and whistles and seemed to weigh less than a feather.

I scanned these images late last night right before going to bed. I’m noticing now that my scanner needs to be cleaned! Oh well, just adds to the crazy film look, I suppose. ;)

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  • mo - I think these looks really cool!!

  • Unkie Ballz - The sheer number of these that didn’t turn out at all still baffles me. I can’t wait till you master thsi camera, and then teach me. :)

  • karl - i like the dashboard one expecially.

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