Marjan’s Baby Shower: Sneak Peek

I had the honor of photographing a baby shower yesterday. Marjan (the mother-to-be), her husband Avi and over 100 members of their family and friends gathered in one of the ball rooms at Maggiano’s at The Grove. This was by far the largest baby shower I’ve ever been to, and at times it hardly felt like a baby shower at all, but more like a wedding.

I was amazed by the amount of people that turned out to celebrate, though I shouldn’t have been since Marjan and Avi are such sweet and loving people, it’s only appropriate that they have an enormous circle of people who love and care for them. I’ve only just begun to sift through the images from the day, but I wanted to give one small preview today. A part of me wanted to post the image without any context and ask you all to guess what kind of event the image was shot at because I know I would have never guessed a baby shower!

Needless to say, this family knows how to party. There was confetti and glitter thrown into the air as almost everyone in attendance got down on the dance floor. Marjan (in the pink-red dress) is positively glowing in this shot—a truly beautiful pregnant woman. And, yes, that is confetti stuck to her—she was positively covered in the stuff after her first round of dancing!

A big thank you to Marjan, Avi and their family and friends for allowing me to be a part of their very special celebration.

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