Let’s Play Twister

Colorful architecture in Chinatown. I took this image in between shots at the faith + jason shoot.

Well, another work week has come and gone. I came down with a pretty nasty cold early on in the week so I’ve spent most of my time curled up in bed, feeling sorry for myself. I’ve been a human snot factory all week and spent more time than I care to admit daydreaming about all of the things I could be getting accomplished were it not for the fact that I felt like like death warmed over. I’m feeling well enough to get back to work today, though, so if you need me I can be found propped up in front of my computer, trying to act like a contributing member of society again.

Today’s Friday song is another cover. Chances are you’ve heard the original and it needs no introduction. The cover is done by Swedish indie-pop band, Shout Out Louds. There are many people who don’t like covers, but I always enjoy hearing a new take on an old favorite. I like to see how other bands reimagine a perfectly good song and make it their own. It’s not better, it’s different. I like different. Enjoy!

Shout Out Louds – Man on the Moon


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