You’re in My Dreams


I’m saying this here and now with the hopes that it’ll encourage me to do something about it: I’m in a rut.

While it’s true I haven’t had much free time to go out and photograph for fun lately, I also haven’t been utilizing what little opportunity I’ve had. Instead of spending a couple of hours this weekend with my camera, I spent some extra hours visiting my family, and I don’t feel guilty about that one bit. I do, however, wish that I felt more inspired.

This isn’t to say that I’m not inspired once I do get behind the camera. Once I pick it up, I’m perfectly fine, so my clients (present and future) need not worry! It’s just getting myself to pick up the camera and create images just for the joy of it that I can’t seem to get back to lately. But I’ll get there again, I know it!

In fact, I already have a particular project in mind. When I told Chris about it, he suggested we take a weekend away so that I can focus just on that project. Sounded like a great idea to me. So, in a couple of weeks we’ll be renting a house in Joshua Tree for the weekend. The house looks magical and I’ve never been to Joshua tree, so I absolutely cannot wait for this trip. I’m hoping the locale will jump start my creativity.

Speaking of creativity, Chris has launched a new site called Creatively Stunted (hey, that’s the perfect term for what I’m going through right now!) He’ll be writing about all kinds of things like music, books, movies, etc. Chris gets a lot of his inspiration from the creativity of others. He’s the type who can talk for hours about a movie or an album–and he always has something really worthwhile to say.

I’m usually inspired by nature and emotion, but what inspires you?

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