Where the Streets Have No Name

How about some non-Chris photos from Joshua Tree? Let’s be honest, the man is my favorite subject, but other people might want me to switch it up a bit.

As pretty as Joshua Tree was, I wasn’t moved to take many nature-ish shots, oddly enough. I took a lot of shots of Chris in nature and then not so much without him––until we stumbled across the World Famous Crochet Museum that is.

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Chris saw it first while we were walking along the “downtown strip” and, knowing my affinity for crafts, stopped dead in his tracks and said, “Um, I know where we need to go next.” I followed his gaze to a bright green pod-like enclosure that seemed to be filled to the brim with crocheted goods. It was an amazing sight.

We were greeted by a nice man who I can only assume is one of the museum curators. He explained to us that the contraption the crocheted pieces were housed in used to be an old drive-through photo mat. I remembered them from when I was a kid, but I didn’t recall them being so colorful.

Upon entering the tiny cubby-like space you’re greeted with the scent of grandma’s house. Well, what I remember my grandma’s house smelling like, anyway. There were all kinds of crocheted things to explore. Chris and I kept pointing out crocheted superheroes, animals, doilies and cartoon characters to one another.

Oops! Snuck a Chris photo in there. ;)

Right next to the Crochet Museum were two garages that served as galleries. The whole area was referred to as Art Queen. The galleries were filled with some great––and very interesting art.

Joshua Tree is a really interesting place and if you get a chance to go and explore the town, I’d really recommend it.

  • mary - awe dang, you totally hit the jackpot with this place. rad!

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