Two Step

Today I pick up some rolls of film from being developed––images that will end up being the last I post from Joshua Tree. I’ll post them here either over the weekend or on Monday. In the meantime, I present to you…DINOSAURS!

Obviously we had to stop by Cabazon to check out the dinosaurs on our way home. Chris had never been and was very excited to see them. The interesting thing is it seems the dinos have been bought by some Christian group that refutes evolution and seems to believe in Big Foot and other strange creatures because the dino-owner told us they’re opening a Cryptozoology museum this summer. Very strange. In addition to the museum they’re adding more dinosaurs. We were able to peek our head over the fence behind T-Rex to see a Stegosaurus and Triceratops. Exciting stuff.

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Today’s song is by Chromeo. I like this song a lot because it makes me want to dance every time I hear it. I could really use a good dance right now to get some of the stress off. Maybe you can too? Of course you can! Please enjoy and Happy Friday!

Chromeo – Fancy Footwork

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