So This Is The New Year


There’s something to be said for just letting it all hang out, so to speak. By opening up about my feelings of anguish over my lack of creative drive, it’s as if I was instantly able to let go of any apprehension and focus on setting things straight. I spent every free minute today pouring over photography websites and felt more and more inspired with each click.

I drove to the bookstore tonight and picked out a pretty little journal. Just now, armed with my new purchase, my favorite pen and a couple of photo-heavy magazines, I clipped glossy images from each publication–new inspirations to be kept in my journal so that I can forever look to them to re-ignite my creativity as needed. I didn’t limit myself to only the most awe-inspiring photos, either. I clipped some simple shots that I’ve seen some variations of before, just as a reminder that beauty can be found in the simplest of images.

I’m inspired again already and brimming with ideas of images I can’t wait to create. Bring on the sunlight! Bring on the people! It’s so on.

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