No One Else Can Feel It For You


I’ve decided to start a new weekly installment. Every Friday I’m going to pick a song I’m really into at the moment and put it up here for people to listen to. Mostly because I just really like music and I get a lot of joy out of sharing my favorite songs with people. Sometimes these songs will be new songs, sometimes they’ll be old songsā€“no limits!

I’ll pair each song with an image, just to stay true to the nature of a photo blog. Today’s image is from a black “sand” beach in Maui.

This week’s song is by Jonathan Rice. I’ve had this song on my computer for some time now, but I don’t remember how or why I have it. I usually listen to my music on random in iTunes and whenever this song comes on I get chills the first time the chorus starts up. Rice has a very powerful voice, especially in person. I was able to catch him live late last year and during the show I was reminded of this song, which hadn’t popped up in my player in a while. Ever since the night of that show I’ve made a point to seek the song out just to let it play on loop a few times. I hope you enjoy it.

Jonathan Rice – The Acrobat

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