What Is a Nerd?


There are several things I enjoy about this shot.

Thing number one: The most obvious thing. That’s a life-size model of a Power Ranger.
Thing number two: The second obvious thing. That kid is in complete awe of said Power Ranger.
Thing number three: There’s a toy completely abandoned in the middle of the floor by said boy.
Thing number four: There’s a man in the background whose nose is completely stuck inside a comic book.
Thing number five: When I look at this photo I am reminded of that time I went to a comic book convention and only complained a few times.

  • alisha - i love this picture…. i can see sam in that kid. we’re saving our money to take sam to comicon this year. YAY!

  • Heidi A. - man, sam’s gonna love that. chris and i are thinking that he/we probably won’t be able to afford it since it’s only a couple of weeks after the wedding/honeymoon. we’ll see, though.

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