Please Stop Raining


This past Summer, Chris and I flew to South Dakota for his cousin Ian’s wedding. It was a weekend event that brought together one side of Chris’ family almost in its entirety. Everyone spent their time at a fantastic little cabin on the Missouri River bed that was owned by the bride Beth’s family. The weather was gorgeous the entire time we there–until minutes before the wedding was scheduled to start, of course. The rain came down in buckets at first and the crowd of guests crammed into the tiny main room of the cabin to take refuge. There was a Plan B in case of rain, but Beth had her heart set on getting married next to that river since she had spent many summers there growing up. The group huddled together, waiting for the rain to let up. Beth stood in white amongst her family and friends, pacing between the group and the window to see if there was a sign of clear skies.

I snapped this shot during one of her last trips to the window. You can also see her mother-in-law Joan in the reflection of the window. Joan and Beth stood at that window for a few minutes just staring at the sky. I really felt for Beth at that moment–it was obvious how much she was hoping the storm clouds would move along. The group left the final choice up to Beth who ultimately decided to move to Plan B: getting married at the nearby winery where the reception was being held. The ceremony was lovely either way–rain or shine, riverbed or winery.

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