There’ll Be Love Wherever You Go


Chris and I have been together/known each other for over 5 years now. When we first met, I’m not sure either of us had a real sense that the relationship we were embarking upon would turn out to be the final lasting one for both of us. The duration of these last five years of our relationship have not been perfect–hell, they haven’t even been easy. But, they’ve taught both of us so much about what it means to be selfless and to truly love another person.

Chris has honestly made me a better person–mostly because he makes me want to be a better person in an attempt to be even slightly worthy of his love in return. He’s a genuine soul with a heart of gold and I sincerely wonder to myself more often than I care to admit how I, of all people, was able to make him my own. I imagine the next five years will be an exciting time for us, but what’s really exciting is to think about the fact that five years is nothing when you spend a lifetime with someone.

The purpose of this post wasn’t for the public display of affection, but rather to share with you this song I discovered today. It immediately made me think of Chris. It’s fun and catchy and cute. Kinda like him.

Happy Valentine’s Day! (I love you, bud.)

Noah and the Whale – 5 Years Time:

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