I Think I’m Paranoid


For the past couple of months Chris and I have been really focusing on our health. We’re watching our food intake, getting some more exercise in and generally trying to make better choices when deciding what to eat. This decision has led to both of us losing weight and feeling better–both in body and in mind. Well, on Saturday I was home alone with not much to do and instead of going out to shoot some photos (the original plan), I ordered in some Chinese food and watched movies. Of course I ordered way too much food and proceeded to eat all of it by myself. As icing on the engorged cake, I opened a fortune cookie. When I read the message, shown above, I almost fell off the couch from laughing so hard.

Oh, cruel world. Why must you mock me so? I must say, it is pretty nice when the universe plays its part to keep you in check. Today I’m back on track and looking forward to hitting the gym later to take a bit of that cookie’s advice.

  • Jeffy - I got this exact fortune a while back and was kind of offended that the restaurant at which I just ate basically called me a fatty.

  • Megan - Oh Man! I just laughed my ass off!!!

  • flax - as you are well aware, i love it when things like that happen! that’s really hilarious, though…=)

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