Alone in Kyoto


Another old image (guess who hasn’t been taking photos!), this one from almost two years ago, I think! Allow me to introduce you to my friend Karl. He doesn’t like to have his photo taken–you’ve probably gathered this from his expression. But that doesn’t stop me from forcing him to pose for photos! I am lucky in that he always obliges–what a pal! This photo was taken during an exploration of Chinatown with a few friends. I miss explorations, I need to arrange one of those soon.

As you can see, I’m trying out the whole “sloppy border” look with this one. I kinda like it … what do you think?

  • karl - nice tile!

    border is cool. if this was your yearbook, i would probably say it’s rilly kewl.

  • bryanF - my snob response would be to axe the border and shoot film!

    but if i put my pretentiousness on hold for a second i’d say it’s looks good with this pic of ‘The karl’

    ah, chinatown…i remember that day…

  • Heidi - bryan, i plan on shooting some film soon! but first i need to find time to get out and shoot.

  • karl - I’m going downtown Saturday to take more pictures of walls & such. Interested?

  • Heidi - i am very much interested. depends what time, though, as that day is already filling up for me. keep me posted, yo!

  • mo - I like this a lot! (and not just because of the dude in it)

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