Brother, Mother and Presents

I have three brothers who are considerably younger than I am (the oldest of the group was born when I was 12). Every year for the past few years I’ve made it a point to do some nice portraits of them so that my camera-lacking parents have some shots that aren’t school pictures. I usually use these as an easy out for Christmas and birthday gifts, but I think they appreciate them all the same. Today the middle brother, John (he’s 14), came to hang out with Chris and I. I mostly wanted to give my single mother a break for a day, but we were really looking forward to hanging out with him, too. I decided to take the opportunity to get a mini photo shoot in for mom’s Christmas gift. The kid is super photogenic, as you will see, so my job was really quite easy. He sat there and looked adorable; I just pressed the button. The only thing I gotta do now is figure out which shot my mom would like the most.

Here are five of my favorite shots:

[pictobrowser norobot 72157603470133567]

  • Alicia - Purple is the color of champions.

  • Laundro - I love the DOF of #1 and I love the framing and set up of #4. Love it.

  • John - Haha Number one is still my fav sis.

    Love ya heidi.
    Tell chris “You won’t like me when I’m angry!” haha Hulk Online Comics are fun!

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