Parker Street Cinema at Mr. T’s Bowl

My good friend Ken Mahru is in this excellent post-rock band called Parker Street Cinema. They recently did a West Coast tour and made a stop at Mr. T’s Bowl in Highland Park. Ken asked me to bring along my camera with the hopes of getting some good live shots of their gig. I had never been to Mr. T’s Bowl before and I’m really glad I got this chance. It’s a really interesting hole in the wall type of place. When we first walked in I thought maybe we had walked into someone’s basement-turned-music venue instead. It sort of felt like home. PSC rocked it, for sure. You should definitely check out their stuff and buy their new album, Music, In The Blood, when it comes out on December 4th.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from that night:

[pictobrowser norobot 72157603327720058]

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