Tech Tip Tuesday: HTML5 Showit Websites

If you’re a wedding photographer, there’s a fairly good chance you have a Showit website. Once you’ve taken some time to figure it out, Showit can be pretty intuitive as far as web design platforms go. I like Showit because I can easily update the content of my site so my portfolio is always up to date and I don’t have to wait for a webmaster or other third party to make changes for me.

One downfall of using Showit in the past was the fact that all Showit sites were Flash based. This was an inconvenient thing for the mobile world in which we live because Flash sites are not viewable on iPads or iPhones. But luckily, Showit released HTML5 functionality not too long ago and publishing a version of your existing website in an HTML5 version is now a snap. I love that the website I took so much time to design is now viewable just how it’s intended to be seen—on both computers  and mobile devices.

If you haven’t already published an HTML5 version of your site, I encourage you to do so now! Unless you have complex galleries you shouldn’t need to change much of anything for the mobile version of your site. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Showit
  2. Go to Site >> Settings
  3. Click on the Mobile Settings tab
  4. Save and close the Site Settings window
  5. Publish your site

Here are a couple of screen shots to help guide you through the process…

*DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with Showit or Apple. In fact, they have no idea I’m mentioning and/or linking to them. I did not receive compensation of any kind for this blog post.

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  • Claude - Heidi

    I have a question for you concerning Showit.

    I see on the website that the Showit Showit cost is $ 39 per month.

    Are correct?

    So I can not buy it by paying a single amount?

    I think the $ 39 per month expensive.

    Thank you for your reply.


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