Tech Tips Tuesday: An Introduction

I’ve always been a tech-savvy girl. I’ve never been formally trained in anything technological, but when it comes to computers and software, I’ve always just been able to “get it.” Because of this, I’ve earned myself a bit of a reputation as a “tech geek” amongst my friends and peers. I am often helping my fellow photographer friends upgrade their blogs, or teaching them how to use their web design software, or getting their websites online for them. You name it, I’ve helped a friend do it!

For a while now, these friends have been encouraging me to help people outside of our circle. I think that’s a great idea and I’ve decided I’ll start by posting some bite-size tech tips as a weekly feature on my blog. Because I’m a fan of alliteration, I’ve decided to publish these posts every Tuesday so that I can call them Tech Tips Tuesday! Do you see what I did there?

I think technology frightens a lot of people. They’re scared they’ll mess things up beyond repair, or that most things are too complicated for them. That sense of bewilderment is completely unnecessary and I’d like to help. The first installment will be published next Tuesday and go weekly from there. We’ll start small with some very basic tips that I’ve always assumed everyone knew about already but I’ve since learned many don’t. I hope it helps you, if you need it!

If there’s a piece of software that you’re wanted to know how to use better, or if you’ve always wondered how other photographers did something specific with their camera but you’ve never been able to figure it out, please feel free to email me with specific questions, or leave a comment below. Your question may just inspire a future Tech Tips Tuesday post!

Since I use my blog to attract potential clients, I don’t want to clog it up with tech posts that won’t interest brides and grooms. So, you’ll notice Tech Tips Tuesday posts will all be backdated, so they don’t show up on the main page. But they’ll always be easy to find by clicking on the ‘For Photographers’ tab in the menu at the top.

  • katie - great idea heidi! i’d definitely be following along!

  • Jordana - Yaaaah! So proud if your willingness to share! I’d love to have any InDesign tips that you have!

  • Raquel - Workflow tips would be awesome! <3

  • Jessi - This is fabulous! Can’t wait to read along…tech savvy, I am not! Thanks for this!

  • Em - Awesome Heidi!!!

  • Lucy DR - Like!!!!! :)

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