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Barnes Family Portraits

When Heather asked me to shoot her family’s photos for the second year in a row, you’d think I’d be less nervous since it wasn’t my first time. But, I wasn’t. Because not only are Heather and Brian very dear friends, but Heather is an amazing photographer and it’s always nerve-wracking to photograph other photographers. But, nervous or not, I had a great time hanging out with one of my favorite little families. Little Charlotte has enough personality for three babies her size and I just love her to pieces. Thanks for trusting me, Barnes’! Let’s do it again soon. <3

Griffith Observatory Family PhotosGriffith_Observatory_Family_Photos_002Griffith_Observatory_Family_Photos_003LA Observatory Family PhotosGriffith_Observatory_Family_Photos_005Griffith Observatory Family PhotosGriffith_Observatory_Family_Photos_007Griffith Observatory Family PhotographyGriffith_Observatory_Family_Photos_009Griffith_Observatory_Family_Photos_010Griffith_Observatory_Family_Photos_011Griffith_Observatory_Family_Photos_012

Heather Kincaid - You gave us such a gift with these images! Love seeing these framed in our home! We love you so much! Xoxo

Melissa + Derek = Married!

So, I’m starting to REALLY love small, intimate weddings and elopements. Melissa and Derek had a courthouse wedding in Beverly Hills with a small handful of close family and friends and it was wonderful to be able to start the day with Melissa and Derek as they got ready for their day. They even did a first look, which isn’t something I normally get to shoot at courthouse weddings, but I loved it! This was such a beautiful and personal day and it was made all the more special by the fact that Melissa and Derek’s beautiful baby girl was in attendance. My word, just a lovely day full of love. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_005Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_001Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_008Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_002Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_003Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_004Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_006Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_007Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_010Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_009Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_011Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_012Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_013Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_014Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_015Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_016Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_017Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_018Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_019Beverly Hills Courthouse WeddingFour_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_021Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_022Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_023Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_024Beverly Hills Courthouse elopementFour_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_026Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_027Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_028Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_029Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_030Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_031Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_032Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_033Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_034Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_035Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_036Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_037Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_038Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_039Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_040Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_041Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_042Four_Seasons_Beverly_Hills_Wedding_043

Michelle + Bryce = Engaged!

Michelle and Bryce’s wedding was this past Saturday so I figured I’d better share their engagement session! It was at one of the places I’ve been dying to shoot at in San Francisco, the Sutro Baths (or at least what’s left of them). I was so glad when Michelle and Bryce suggested this location because it always looked so magical to me, and it did not disappoint. It was so amazing to hike the nearby trail with these two and their super cute dog, Gaucho. It was a perfectly dreary and windy San Francisco day. And, boy, was it cold! But these two were troopers and I’m so in love with the images we got and looking at them now. Can’t wait to share the wedding!

Sutro Bath House EngagementSutro_Bath_House_Engagement_002Sutro_Bath_House_Engagement_003Sutro_Bath_House_Engagement_004Sutro Bath House Engagement PhotographySutro_Bath_House_Engagement_006Sutro_Bath_House_Engagement_007San Fran Sutro Bath EngageentSutro_Bath_House_Engagement_009Sutro Bath House Engagement PhotosSutro_Bath_House_Engagement_011San Francisco Sutro EngagementSutro_Bath_House_Engagement_013Sutro_Bath_House_Engagement_014